tips to make flying long haul easier

Tips To Make Flying Long Haul Easier

Travelling should never be tough, but when you’re travelling a long distance, it’s normal if you’re worried about the trip. Making sure you have your passport, aircraft tickets, hotel bookings, and even transportation in place is enough to put anyone’s mind into a tizzy. Fortunately, we’ve got some great advice on how to make flying long haul easier!

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6 Tips to make long haul travel easier and less stressful!

Long haul travel is exciting. I personally love the saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” But I won’t lie and pretend that sitting in a seat for 9 hours straight is enjoyable, it’s not. However, it is part of the journey. All you need is the right mindset, some distractions, and lots of planning and preparation in advance. Here are 6 tips to make long haul travel easier and less stressful.

A typical long-haul flight is between 6 – 12 hours long. That’s a long time to sit in one place! Let’s see how we can make your next long haul flight easier!

tips to make flying long haul easier

Dissect the journey

Concentrating on one element of a long journey at a time is a terrific approach to make it feel less scary. So, if you have to fly two or more times to get to your destination, focus on one flight at a time to make it appear less difficult. Use the time you spend on the flight to plan the next leg of your journey, and you won’t feel as if you have as much to remember.

Leave the car at home

Another aspect of the holiday that may cause you anxiety is deciding where you will park your car while travelling. We all know how costly airport parking can be, so leave the car at home instead of driving to the airport! Perhaps a family member or friend could drive you to the airport, or you could order a cheap car hire perth airport to relieve you of the worry.

Distribute responsibility

Unless you’re travelling solo with children, it’s a good idea to divide and conquer tasks so that no one bears the brunt of the burden alone. Assign one element of the journey to your partner (or anyone you’re travelling with) so that you may focus on another. Sharing the load means you’ll be able to unwind and look forward to your arrival at some time during your journey.

Distract yourself

Travel anxiety isn’t only caused by a desire to ensure that everything is in order; it can also be caused by fear about flying or simply travelling in general. While this is a very natural sensation, we recognise that it is unpleasant to go through. So, rather than spending your entire travel feeling nervous and sick to your stomach, make sure you have lots of distractions to keep you going. Download movies to your tablet, load yourself on mind-numbing apps or even bring a few books with you so you can lose yourself in a fantasy world for a while. Distractions are a great way to make flying long haul easier and go quicker.

in-flight entertainment

Make a strategy for moving forward.

Another factor that makes travel stressful for some people is not knowing what to anticipate once they get to their destination. If you’re visiting a country for the first time, this can be very intimidating. Planning ahead of time so that you know where you should be and who you should be talking to when you arrive is a fantastic method to avoid this. You should also take some time to study a basic level of the language. Taking away the possibility of something unexpected will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip.

Consider it the beginning of your vacation

Finally, travelling might be difficult because it takes a long time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Many people use the strategy of viewing travel as though it were a part of their vacation. If you’re travelling by airline, rail, or boat, you won’t have to lift a finger since staff will be there to serve you. Perhaps you could approach it as the beginning of your vacation to relieve some of the stress?

I hope these tips to make flying long haul easier and less stressful work for you when you’re planning your next fun adventure. If you’re looking for some tips on flying long-haul with a baby or toddler, check out this post.






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