reasons to visit the Big Apple

8 Reasons To Bite The Big Apple

If there is one place most people want to see before they die, it’s New York City, or as it’s also known – The Big Apple. We grow up with New York being on our TV screens and in movie theatres, and we grow up seeing all of the major news events happening here. We see the ball drop on NYE on the TV, and while it’s somewhere that seems huge, noisy and dirty, there is a charm to New York City that you really cannot get anywhere else. 

This is a contributed post – the Big Apple is still on my personal bucket list.

It’s one of the most popular places to visit, and when you click you can choose some of the best deals to get there for much less than you would usually spend. It’s the home of Friends, Seinfeld, SATC, Marvel and so, so much more. This is a place you should have on every list of your life to go to at least once, and we’ve got eight great reasons to take a bite of the Big Apple.

brooklyn bridge in the big apple
  1. Grand Central Station. You’ve seen it ‘blown up’ in plenty of movies, but visiting the real station? It’s the tourist attraction you never knew you needed to see. You can experience the grandeur for yourself when you get here and it’ll make you feel as if you’re on the big screen yourself.
  2. The shows. Oh, Broadway. The home of plays and musicals that are making a huge impact on day to day life for all. If you love art, you’ll know that New York City has a lot to offer, but it’s the theatre options that really get those musical juices flowing. If you’re a fan of the stage shows, you’re going to love the city because there really is nothing like seeing your favourite stories up in lights.
  3. The 9/11 memorial. If you are over the age of 21, you’re going to remember where you were the day the news broke that the planes flew into the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. You’ll know that while this feels like a maudlin place to go on a holiday, it’s actually one of the world’s most historic sites. It’s a place of peace and abject sadness, but the size of the space is breathtaking. See the memorial and the lives that were touched, and you’re standing in a place of history. 
  4. Seeing the heights. It’s not the sights, but the heights to think about. Exploring the city means being surrounded by the biggest skyscrapers and buildings in the world. There are a staggering number of tall buildings here, and if you want to see the world from a new perspective, go up to the top of the Empire State Building and see the entire city from here.
  5. The Statue of Liberty. You have to go to Ellis Island if you go to New York City. It’s just a must and you need to get onto the ferry to go and see it. Take the ferry and climb up to see the world from the perspective of the lady who welcomes people in.
  6. The hotels. It doesn’t matter where you stay in New York City, you’ll be close to the attractions and the parks, the cafes and the restaurants. There’s always something amazing to see here and whether you are a fan of the spa or you want to stay local to Times Square, there are so many hotels here that’ll give you that feeling of luxury. 
  7. Central Park. While the city is packed with tall buildings, there is a large strip of land with a duck pond and an ice rink for some of the year, and that is Central Park. Spend some time wandering through here and ensure that you have a chance to see some of the best areas of New York City with the best entertainment! 
  8. The shopping. If there is one reason anyone should visit New York City, it’s the shopping opportunities. The stores here are huge, bustling and packed with both off the rack and designer gear. Even if all you are doing is window shopping, you’ll love to see it all while you’re travelling. You can take a huge bite of the Big Apple when you shop and fill your suitcases ready for the flight home. 
Visit Central park in the big apple

New York City isn’t just a city to visit; it’s one that you will want to come back to time and again no matter what you do. Take your time, here. You’ll want to ensure that you have a blast while you’re here.






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