30 Positive affirmations for mothers

30 Positive Affirmations for Mothers in 2021

Motherhood is hard. It’s relentless, exhausting, and you never get a day off … not really. Sometimes keeping a positive mindset is the hardest job of the day. Self-doubt and not doing any real self-care for mothers is really common. I am on a mission to improve my personal mindset and to live a more intentional, positive and happy life. Today I’m sharing with you my top 40 positive affirmations for mothers!

What are affirmations?

You might be wondering what on earth I’m on about – what are affirmations? Well, it’s simple really. Affirmations are sentences that speak to your inner self, your subconscious and your conscious mind. By taking positive words and saying them to ourselves, reminding ourselves of positivity, you subconsciously begin to believe the words. That’s the first step in your intentional journey to really live a more mindful and positive life. As mothers, we need to project positivity, honesty and understanding to our children. The global pandemic has knocked us all for six but we will be okay. We will make it through this. Here are my Top 20 Positive affirmations for mothers in 2021!

positive affirmations for mothers

Here are my top 30 positive affirmations for mothers

The more you repeat the affirmations, the more you genuinely believe them. The positive words become an internal mantra. You can recall them in the moment when you need it! The next time you start to doubt yourself, or you have a really bad day, having a positive mindset and memory of these positive affirmations will remind you that it’s just that. One Bad Day. It’s not your whole life.

  1. It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.
  2. I am a person as well as a mother. Motherhood does not define me.
  3. I choose to think positively and be happy today.
  4. I trust my motherly instincts.
  5. I am the mother my children need.
  6. My family love me.
  7. I am living a life true to my values and personal needs.
  8. I am beautiful in the eyes of my children and that’s all that matters.
  9. I am allowed to take care of myself, Self care is good for me. And that is good for them.
  10. I am blessed with an amazing family and incredible friends.
  11. I am worthy of personal admiration.
  12. I am important to my family.
  13. I can handle anything life throws at me.
  14. My children admire me.
  15. I am a strong and capable woman.
  16. The people who matter love and respect me, recognise my worth
  17. I won’t compare myself to others – we are all important, unique and capable women!
  18. My emotions are valid.
  19. I will laugh with my children today.
  20. It’s okay to not have all the answers all the time. Trust the process.
  21. Motherhood has revealed my strengths.
  22. I have enough patience for my children today.
  23. Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass.
  24. I am creating lifelong memories for my children.
  25. Yesterday is behind me. Today is a new day.
  26. I am allowed to ask for help, it does not make me weak.
  27. My opinions matter and should be taken into consideration.
  28. Life is a continuous journey of education – Accepting help and advice from others does not make me incapable.
  29. Respect other people’s decisions as you want them to accept yours.
  30. Just Be Kind, be understanding, be firm in your moral stance!
affirmations for strong mothers

If you can relate to any of the 30 positive affirmations for mothers listed above, please share this post with your friends and family. One of the most underrated forms of support is to tell others what you struggle with the most. Seize the moment, start small and send them this post. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter!






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