8 Ideas For A Family Reunion That Will Be Fun For All

A family reunion is a great way to get together with your extended family and catch up on everyone’s lives. If you are planning on getting the family together after a long time apart, here are some ideas for a family reunion to make it enjoyable for everyone who attends.

Choose A Theme

One of the most fun ideas for a family reunion is to choose a theme. This can be anything from a specific decade (like the 80s) to a place (like the beach), or even a movie theme – Top Gun 2 anyone? Once you have selected a theme, everyone can dress up and get into the spirit of things. It will be like going back in time, or forward as the case may be, or taking a mini-vacation!

ideas for a family reunion

Go On A Holiday

Another great idea for a family reunion is to go on a holiday together. This can be anything from a camping trip to a cruise. It will be a great way for everyone to bond and create new memories together. Adventure Holidays is perfect for active families who want to explore and have fun together.

The other great thing about a destination family reunion is that yo also get to go on holiday as part of the family reunion. Just make sure you choose something that offers both fun, bonding family time, AND some time away from the busy schedule to also relax.

Do A Project

A family reunion is also a great opportunity to do a project together. This could be anything from painting a mural to planting a garden. It will be something that everyone can work on and enjoy together. Plus, it will be something to look back on and remember fondly for years to come – “remember the time when uncle Peter couldn’t start the lawnmower, but cousin Janie did?”

Play Games

Of course, no family reunion would be complete without some games! This is a great way to get everyone interacting and having fun. There are many great games for all ages, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Why not consider teaching the younger generation some old school games you played as a kid. Nothing says ‘family reunion’ like a marathon game of monopoly or charades!

Enjoy A Meal Together

Organising a family reunion doesn’t have to be a huge event, it can simply be dinner! One of the best parts of a family reunion is enjoying a meal together. This is a great time to catch up with everyone and enjoy some delicious food. If you are planning a potluck, be sure to have a variety of dishes so that everyone will find something they like.

Get Matching Shirts

Matching shirts are always a good idea for family reunions. They help everyone feel like they’re part of a team, and they look great in photos. Plus, it will be something that everyone can keep and wear again. You could even mimick that TikTok trend by surprising all the men in the family with the same shirt, so when they turn up to the reunion they realise they all have the same shirt.

Have A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone moving and exploring. It will be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to see everything that your reunion location has to offer.

Take A Group Photo

Last but not least, be sure to take a group photo at your family reunion. This will be a great way to remember the event and everyone there. You can even frame it and hang it up in your home. Everyone loves to reminisce about great family get-togethers, why not stick it up on the wall so you can enjoy the memory all the time.

Family reunions are an excellent opportunity to catch up with extended family, have fun, and create lasting memories. With a bit of planning, you can make sure that your reunion is enjoyable for everyone. Use these ideas for a family reunion to get started, and you’re sure to have a great time!






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