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3 Easy Ways You Can Live an Intentional Life

If you’re interested in understanding what Living an Intentional life means, or what the definition of intentional living is, this post will explore the ideal. Intentional living doesn’t just mean living a minimalist life. It’s actually more about making decisions in every aspect of your life. Rather than just letting life pass you by, and just going with the flow or accepting things as they are, an intentional lifestyle is about considering your options before making important decisions.

Here are a few examples of how you can live an Intentional Life


Your Health

The only thing we can truly control in this life is what we put in our mouth.


If you choose to live a more intentional life, you can intentionally decide to control your personal health. Whilst I recognise that we all have a budget to live by, we can make choices that can help us intentionally take ownership of the things we eat and drink every day.

It doesn’t even have to be a huge life-changing choice or decision. The intentional choice to drink a glass of water instead of another cup of coffee or tea is beneficial to your health. The choice to have one piece of toast instead of two or three, you’re intentionally taking control of your own eating habits by making that decision.

An intentional healthy lifestyle would also involve decisions like walking to the shops to pick up that pint of milk, instead of driving in your car. Not only is it healthier for your body, but it’s healthier for the environment and your pocket too! And of course, any form of self-care is essential in looking after your own health and wellbeing.

Your Finances

By making intentional choices about the way you spend your money, you can improve your financial situation. A more intentional life of money-saving and making savvy financial choices can significantly differentiate your and your family’s financial situation.

Simple things like taking a packed lunch to work, to investing in a flask instead of buying coffees at work every day can help save the pennies that make a big difference at the end of the working week. Intentionally choosing not to go out to a fancy restaurant, instead of getting a takeaway can definitely save you money, whilst still allowing you to enjoy not having to cook.

One of the decisions we made in recent years was to invest in a family vehicle that would facilitate our family of 5 going on holidays. We realised that the cost of air travel made going on holiday a luxury we couldn’t justify financially. But we love to travel! We decided to invest in a vehicle that can be our mode of transport on long-distance road trips. This intentional decision was one we made from both a financial and a wants and needs perspective.


Your Environmental Consciousness

Making an intentional life decision on how you can make a positive contribution to taking care of our environment and nurturing the natural resources we have available to us, is another important place where you can make intentional lifestyle choices.

From making intentional choices to walk instead of drive, or drive instead of fly, you can make small lifestyle choices to help protect our environment.

For information about how to offset your carbon emissions and travel a little more guilt-free, check out this review.

There are other places you can make intentional decisions, from regular recycling to choosing to buy from brands that are environmentally friendly or have a good ethos towards sustainability.

How You Can Start Living A More Intentional Life

I am not a fan of huge declarations of lifestyle changes. The idea that you have to wait for Monday to start your diet, or to go vegan in January, or grow your moustache in November. Personally, I think we can start living an intentional life every day. Every time we consider our options and make an informed considered decision is you embracing the intentional lifestyle.

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