help your family through the passing of a pet

How to Help Your Family Through the Passing of a Pet

One of the most challenging things that families have to deal with is the passing of a pet. It might not seem like a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but pets very often become members of the family, and losing them can be as tough as losing a grandparent, for example. So how can you help your family through that process when it inevitably happens?

talk about the loss of a family pet

Talk About It

First of all, you should do your best to open up and talk about it. The same way that talking about any emotions you’re going through can help you process them better, the same is true when dealing with the passing of a pet. And doing that with the rest of your family can help them to open up and be vulnerable as well, so try to be as open with everyone as possible.

Validate Your Kids’ Feelings

Validating your kids’ feelings is something that you’ll definitely want to think about doing if you want to make sure they get through this experience in the healthiest way possible. They need to be made aware that the things that they’re feeling are normal and understandable. You can help them to process these feelings, which they’ll likely be experiencing for the first time ever.

the passing of a pet

Share Memories of Your Pet

One thing that can help you all to deal with the pet’s passing is sharing memories of your pet and what they meant to you. This is about focusing on all of the positives and being able to hold those memories dear for the rest of your lives. Even though your pet may no longer be around, you can still keep hold of those memories and the time you spent with your pet while they were alive.

Hold a Ceremony

It can be helpful for your family to hold some kind of small ceremony that marks the passing of your pet. Maybe you want to bury them in the garden and mark the spot with a gravestone, for example. Or you could choose pet cremation from Tendring Pet Cremation. You can then have a gathering with your family when you recognize their life and what your pet meant to you.

Consider a New Pet

At some point, you might want to think about getting a new pet. The home can certainly feel a little empty when you don’t have a pet running around and providing your family with that companionship. Of course, you have to time this carefully and make sure that the whole family is ready to bring a new pet into the household. Don’t rush into it.

remember your pet

As you can see, there are lots of things to think about if you want to help your family, and specifically your children, with the grieving process after a family pet passes away. It’s always a difficult time and you can never be sure how your children will react to it, but the tops and ideas above will serve you well.






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