daily habits to increase your happiness

7 Daily Habits To Increase Your Happiness

I am a big fan of routine – not only does it create structure in your day, but it also helps you build good habits. We all want to be happier when it comes to happiness, don’t we? Whether you’re down or already pretty content with your life, there’s always going to be room for further improvement and enjoyment. So, what can you do to make your day to day experience more positive and optimistic? In this post, we will look at 7 daily habits to increase your happiness – the key will depend on you and your individual needs and preferences. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get off to a good start!

Be Financially Responsible

Debts tend to weigh on your shoulders and constantly interfere with your thoughts. If you have outstanding debt, come up with an intentional plan to help you to overcome it. This isn’t the most fun point to start from, but being financially responsible and keeping yourself out of debt can do a lot to improve your overall happiness.

If you’re not in debt, a strict budget can help to keep you out of it. If you’re ever in doubt about your finances, simply get in touch with a financial advisor who will be able to help you and make recommendations.

mindfulness - daily habits to increase happiness

Treat Yourself

It’s essential to practice good money management. But it’s also important to enjoy your disposable income at some point or another. Make sure to treat yourself within your means every once in a while, whether that’s something lower cost like a Richard Haworth bathrobe that you can order when your paycheck comes in or something more extravagant that you might need to save for – like a holiday. This can give you something to enjoy and look forward to.


Most of us have pretty hectic routines. Commuting, working, the school run, fitness – whatever takes up your time, chances are you can begin to feel tense after a while. It would be best if you incorporated some relaxation time and me-time into your schedule. This will allow you to wind down and let your hair down.

Different people like to relax in different ways, so you’ll have to find what really works for you. Some popular self-care options include taking a bath, going to a spa, getting a massage, having a hot drink with a book or a favourite TV series or more.

relax your way to happiness

Practice Mindfulness

If you haven’t tried practising mindfulness before, now might be a good time to start. Mindfulness is a practice that has been popular for centuries, but that it has only recently emerged into the mainstream in Western culture. Put simply, mindfulness focuses on helping you to be aware of everything that’s going on around you. You will learn to observe what’s happening while simply observing it. You’ll learn to allow things to pass without judgement.

This is ideal if you’re someone who overthinks, gets stressed over situations outside of your control or simply feel regularly overwhelmed. You can quickly pick up the necessary skills to let things happen and let things pass. There are plenty of online tutorials that will help you to achieve this.

Try Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques can tie into mindfulness or can be tried on their own. Of course, we all breathe consistently throughout the day and night. But by learning to control your breathing can help to alleviate stress, anxiety and other issues. There are plenty of free online tutorials that can help you focus on your breathing and improve your breathing techniques from home. Many people enjoy doing their breathing exercises first thing in the morning, right before bed or at times of high stress.

Make Time for Your Friends

Friends can create a strong support network with who you enjoy spending time. All too often, we don’t get to see our friends as much as we’d like to. Make sure to make time. This gives you time to reconnect and gives you a break from your usual schedule. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to see people every single day. But try to make time once a month at least. It really can be a relief to have someone to talk to, vent to, laugh with, listen to and more!

get outside in the fresh air

Get Outdoors

A lot of us spend a whole lot of time indoors. Working at a desk, sitting watching TV and more. So, try getting out for a breath of fresh air every once in a while. Spending some time in nature can be positive and enjoyable.

These are just a few different things you can do to improve your happiness in your daily routine. Some will only take small changes to your daily routine; some will take more significant efforts. But hopefully, you can benefit from at least one of the seven daily habits to increase happiness mentioned above.






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