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How to Be an Authentic Entrepreneur: A Guide to Building Intentional Relationships With Your Customers

Are you an entrepreneur looking to bring your business to the next level? Every entrepreneur needs a carefully thought-through growth strategy, which includes building up on your strengths and avoiding weaknesses. The typical growth strategy will map out your marketing activities, investments, recruitment plan, and product development for your specific market. Yet, while these elements are crucial for growth, they do not necessarily drive more customers to you. Every business must be intentional about its relationship with its customers, and this is a crucial element that must be part of your everyday strategy. 

Indeed, while it is tempting to match the energy given by other entrepreneurs and aspire to mimic their behaviours and routine, being intentionally authentic will help stand out from the crowd. Essentially, the most important USP you have as a solo entrepreneur is being yourself. So, how can you be intentionally authentic with your customers and establish a unique relationship based on trust? 

Being an authentic entrepreneur means being true to yourself, building trust with your customers, and creating genuine relationships. In this blog post, we’ll provide a guide to becoming an authentic entrepreneur and cultivating intentional relationships with your customers. 

building intentional relationships with customers

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Show Behind the Scenes

When customers see what goes on behind the scenes of your business, they feel like they better understand who you are as a company. This creates a strong sense of trust and allows customers to relate to your brand in a more personal way. By allowing customers to get to know you and your business, they will be more likely to become loyal customers, as explained here:

In addition to building trust, showing behind the scenes makes your brand more relatable. By sharing the struggles and successes that come along with running a business, customers can relate to your journey and share in your successes. This helps foster a deeper connection between the customer and the brand.

Finally, showing behind the scenes is also an effective marketing tool. It helps you create content for social media platforms that highlights the unique aspects of your business and allows you to showcase the talents and personalities of those who work there.

Do an About Me Page

The purpose of an “About Me” page on your website or social media platform is to provide potential customers with a glimpse into who you are as a business and entrepreneur. This can help build trust, showcase your experience and expertise, and foster better relationships with your customers. 

An About Me page should give customers a sense of your values, goals, and mission. You should make sure to include information about yourself, your history, what led you to start your business, and what your current business looks like. It’s also important to include information about the people who make up your team and what they do to contribute to the business. 

Creating an About Me page is an excellent way to build trust and meaningful connections with potential customers. So don’t forget to put some thought and effort into this important piece of content on your website or social media profile.

Have Candid Videos on Social Media

Having candid videos on social media is an excellent way to build trust and authenticity with your customers. 

Showing yourself in a real setting can be incredibly powerful for creating a sense of connection with your customers. It lets them get to know you in a more human way rather than simply as a business. Candid videos, for instance, are an excellent tool to answer burning questions or comments. You can simply wipe out your phone and capture of short video of yourself talking. 

These are also great for sharing inside commentary about life as an entrepreneur, such as recording visiting stores for purchases. The most important thing is to make sure they feel natural and not scripted. Speak from the heart and answer questions honestly. You don’t need special equipment – you can record them on your smartphone. Make sure you’re well-lit, look into the camera, and speak clearly. There are many apps available that promise to add filters and other elements to your videos. Be careful about downloading too many of these apps, as they can slow down your phone even after you’ve deleted them. If you’re still experiencing troubles related to cheap apps, it can be a good idea to reset your phone by following this handy guide

Remember, these videos don’t have to be fancy or professional; they just need to be genuine and honest. In short, fewer filter apps are better!

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Talk About Failures

No one is perfect, and it’s important to remind your customers of that. Owning up to our failures can be difficult, but it is necessary in order to build a genuine relationship with customers. Mentioning them allows your customers to trust you more and understand the challenges you have faced while on the journey to success. 

In addition, talking about failure helps create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and vulnerability. It makes it easier for customers to open up and discuss their own experiences and mistakes without feeling judged. 

Stay Away from Buzzwords

Entrepreneur buzzwords have become ubiquitous in the business world, and it’s easy to understand why: they are often catchy and sound authoritative. But when it comes to being an authentic entrepreneur, buzzwords can actually do more harm than good

Using too many buzzwords can make it difficult for your customers to understand you and can make you seem like a “buzzword-spewing automaton” instead of an authentic person. Buzzwords can also make you appear out of touch with your customer base, which can be damaging to your relationships. 

In order to maintain your authenticity with your customers, it is important to avoid using buzzwords when possible. Instead, focus on speaking plainly and concisely. This will help your customers understand what you are saying and will ensure that they see you as a real person and not just another corporate robot. This will give your customers a better understanding of what you are trying to communicate, as well as show them that you genuinely care about their interests. 

Being an intentionally authentic entrepreneur is no easy task, and it might take some practice at first. Indeed, we live in a society that dictates what the right appearance should be. Therefore, it takes a lot of courage and strength to pull away from mainstream expectations and be yourself. However, your brand and your customership will both benefit from it!







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