how to be a more intentional and effective parent

4 Steps To Be A More Intentional and Effective Parent

Parenting is a rewarding job and an important role in our lives and that of our children, but it isn’t always easy. Your kids can be really challenging some days, and you and your children may not always agree or see eye-to-eye. I’m going to share with you four steps you can take that will help you be a more intentional and effective parent to your kids and in your household.

As the adult and role model, it’s important that you set the right tone and are committed to ensuring your kids grow up feeling happy and safe and a part of the family. Sometimes as people, we have a vision of what our child will be like; then, when we start raising them, we realise they have their own thoughts, opinions and wants and needs. It can be challenging to wrap your head around that.

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1. Determine Your Parenting Style

It may help to first declare to yourself who you want to be. Determine your parenting style and what qualities you want to bring to your role as a parent. Think through your set of values and what you believe in, and the type of life you want your kids to have. Consider if you want to focus on love and acceptance or curiosity and connection the most.

Maybe for you, it’s that you want to be more present and available. Pick a few that speak to you, and then put your energy into making sure you’re following through and parenting based on these attributes and characteristics. You will face some challenges along the way, so maintain an optimistic mindset by reading positive affirmations for mothers.

tips to be a more intentional and effective parent

2. Give Your Kids the Space They Need

You want your children to feel safe and happy when they’re at home, especially during a pandemic. Therefore, give your kids the space they need by not being overbearing and providing them with a bit of independence. It may be that you assign them chores and responsibilities or look into Cuckooland’s collection of kids cabin beds and set their room up, so they have a place to read and relax or do their homework. It’s a chance for you to live under the same roof while you keep an eye on them but also allow them to live and be without constantly telling them what to do.

3. Be Patient & Take A Pause

Another tip for more intentional and effective parenting is to be more patient with your kids. Listen to what they have to say, and then think through what you want to say before saying it. Learn to pause before you react so that you’re responding with intention and in the way that you want to as a parent. It may even require you to walk away and remove yourself from the situation so you can collect your thoughts and compose yourself before you express yourself and your opinion. Learn to take a breath and calm down, so you remain in control of the situation.

give your child space

4. Be Supportive, Loving & Encouraging

The final step to more intentional and effective parenting is always to be supportive, loving, and encouraging toward your kids. Show your affection for them and let them know when they’re doing a good job. Pay special attention when they make mistakes or feel like they failed so you can intervene and offer them some encouragement. You can also use these moments as a learning opportunity so that they feel motivated to get up and try again and not give up. 

I hope these four steps to be a more intentional and effective parent will help to take some of the angst and stress out of parenting for you.






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